17 April, 2015

ICE4J Networking Tutorial Part 1
By: Matthew Jackson

Jitsi LogoPlease read a simple understanding of STUN, TURN, & ICE if you are new to the concepts

Get the Ice4J Library: If you don't have the ice4j jar or source, you can get it from [the official repository here on Google] here on GitHub! I also have a github repository with a few changes I made, but I don't keep it up to date with the official repository yet, so use the official repository for now, I noticed that the original library does limit receivable chunks of data to...

Tags: ICE4J, Java, Networking

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16 April, 2015

ICE, STUN, & TURN a Simple Explanation
By: Matthew Jackson

Why do we need ICE?

IP addresses allow computers to communicate. When there is a router (or any device) between your computer and another computer it means you won't be able to talk to each other. Why? There is a router or device in the way. You see the router's ip, but not the computer's. Of course this would make the internet secure, but useless.

Routers allow communication. How? They map their IP Address and Port to specific computers that sit behind them. How do you find out...

Tags: ICE4J, Networking

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14 April, 2015

Google Glass Acceptable Video Sizes For Camera
By: Matthew Jackson

In case anyone was interested these are the acceptable sizes for the Google Glass Camera. I was having trouble finding the specifications so I ran some code to grab them and I am posting them for anyone else's interest.

You can see the highest HD size available seems to be 1920x1280 or 1280x1920. The lowest available resolution is 128x96 or 96x128. The lowest resolution I found quite fuzzy though, unless you really only need an image that small.

Camera Preview Sizes:
( width,...

Tags: Android

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9 April, 2015

Getting a Website Designed in Toronto
By: Matthew Jackson

There are a number of options when you design a website in Toronto: self designed, locally, and out sourcing.



  • Cheap/Free: You should have SOME experience in this area; otherwise, you will likely waste too much time and get too frustrated. Keep in mind your time is worth money, so make sure that you have an amount of time your willing to spend on your website and try not to overshoot.
  • Fully Customized: You know how to make your website so you know how to
  • ...

Tags: Business, Website

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